About Our Founding

Alrica Goldstein has spent more than 20 years in publishing, starting as an intern with the University Press of Florida and working her way up through the industry.

At UPF she began to see how books shaped the way that we see the world. After graduating with a BA in English with a concentration in children’s literature, she moved to NY where she worked for DK Publishing and Scholastic Inc.

During her time at Scholastic, she began to learn how to utilize the latest technology to streamline processes and, at the same time, completed a Master’s of Science in Book and Electronic Publishing from NYU. She has gone on to work with bestselling authors and amazing publishers across the country, including the University of Nevada Press.

In 2020, Alrica brought together a small team of incredibly talented people to open this independent publishing company based out of Reno, Nevada but working virtually all across the world. We believe in changing the way that people see the world for the better. Influencing minds and hearts, and doing things differently. We hope you will join us.