Ratio Holmes

Ratio Holmes and Jinju The

Meet Ratio Holmes! He’s not really the great, great grandson of the fictional character Sherlock Holmes, but all the other kids seem to think he is.

Now he’s a detective whether he likes it or not. Still, he’s creative, good at thinking through facts, and has a wicked smart best friend, Jinju. Together, they might make great detectives after all!


Age Range: 6 - 10 years
Grade Level: 1 - 5
Language: English
Lexile Level: 530L-610L




Horatio Holmes, author of the Ratio Holmes series, has grown a lot since his days at Longtides Elementary. Since then he learned to play the bugle (badly), worked as a writer of competitive mathematics problems, even acted in Hamlet playing the very character for who he was named.

In other ways, he’s still the same as he ever was: an avid reader, a pursuer of justice, and someone who likes his hot dogs with mustard.



The Case of the Boston Ball Cap Word Search

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Fun Read for Higher Level Readers
As a Gifted and Talented Teacher and Coordinator, I often have teachers ask me for high interest books that challenge and excite their high level readers. Horatio Holmes fits that bill.

Some of the reasons I really enjoy this book and look forward to more in the series:
-It is relatively short. At 56 pages, teachers can use this for small group pull out and will be able to finish it within a short amount of time. I recommend teachers read it with their high readers to model using context clues and dictionaries if needed for vocabulary.

-It has high level vocabulary. It is rare that many students I support in 1st/2nd grades come across words in grade level books that stump them. Books that have higher level vocab are usually independent reading and the teacher doesn't have ability to model what to do when you come to an unknown word.

-It introduced the idea of a red herring. My students loved learning that term. We did some research as to what it meant and its etymology. We had a fun discussion about red herrings in other books and movies.

-It is fun. My students enjoyed the characters and loved that it was a mystery to solve.

I look forward to more books coming out in this series and hope that Keystone Canyon can provide more resources to help teachers utilize this book and others in the classroom.
Mel P 

Horatio Holmes series
These fun, early chapter books would make a wonderful gift for early readers that are ready for a great plot. The vocabulary is higher than average for this range but has great context that makes it perfect for independent readers and shows age-appropriate material.”

Heartfelt and Engaging
This was a stunning sequel to the first book and was just as amazing. The story is so fun and intriguing that it barely feels like learning. The advanced vocabulary seems perfectly at home in this novel. Highly recommend this book if your child is into mysteries!
Caelin D.