On Teaching Evolution

On Teaching Evolution

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We are currently out of the print edition but feel free to order directly from the Teacher Institute for Evolutionary Science! Check out a sample chapter HERE.

Edited by: Bertha Vázquez
Foreword by:
Richard Dawkins
ISBN: 978-1-953055-25-5
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-953055-26-2
Pages: 136
Book Size: 8"x10"
Language: English

Written by members of the Teacher Institute for Evolutionary Science who have tackled the topic of evolution in their classroom for decades, On Teaching Evolution offers practical advice and sample lesson plans for fellow science teachers. Learn about what inspired them to love teaching evolution and the experiences that help guide their teaching practices.

Contributing authors: Bertha Vázquez, Amanda Clapp, Blake Touchet, Chance Duncan, David Upegui, John Mead, Nikki Chambers, Patti Howell, Reginald Finley, David Mowry, Kenny Coogan, Robert Cooper, and Kathryn Green.

"Sharing a wealth of experiences and insight for teaching evolution, this is a book that I wish I had during my years in the classroom." 
Brianna Rapini, co-creator of The Amoeba Sisters YouTube Channel


"While it is a shame that the teaching of evolution remains fraught, this 'selective pressure' leads to the emergence of exceptionally talented and dedicated educators, committed to the proper teaching of the most engaging topic in all human culture: our origin. These are their stories. This book contains charming narratives from the witty teachers that make evolution come alive in the bright young minds that will one day take their place as the parents, leaders, teachers, and scientists of their generation. We are so fortunate to have our children's education in their hands."
Nathan H. Lents, author of Human Errors: A Panorama of Our Glitches, from Pointless Bones to Broken Genes

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