Ben Palmer: Black Pioneers on the Frontier

Ben Palmer: Black Pioneers on the Frontier

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By John L. Smith

Age Range: 9-13 years
Grade Level: 4 -7
Lexile Level: 1200L
ISBN: 978-1-953055-18-7
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-953055-19-4
Pages: 80
Series: Fields of Silver and Gold (Book 4)
Language: English

The Fields of Silver and Gold series brings the past alive. Meet the trailblazers and the pioneers, the first people and the famous explorers, the legends and the everyday heroes that shaped the history, land, and culture of the West. Their powerful stories will fascinate and inspire you.

Rancher. Statesman. Groundbreaker.

From slavery to respected community leader, Ben Palmer lived the dream of Black pioneers during Reconstruction. As a prosperous rancher known for introducing the Bonner horse to Nevada, Palmer was widely admired for his honesty, intelligence, and generosity. Overcoming racism to serve an active role in politics, Palmer was the first Black person to serve on a US District Court jury in Nevada and to be elected as a state convention delegate.


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