Dark Skies for Kids

Congratulations to Rebecca and Charlotte Turner and their website, DarkSkies4Kids.org, recognized as a 2020 Rising Star by the International Dark-Sky Association.

"Rebecca and Charlotte created their kid-friendly website, darkskies4kids.org, because they saw the need for children to learn about light pollution. They state, “A lot of the light pollution websites we have seen are not for kids, they have a bunch of big words and just are not fun to read. We have only seen the Milky Way once in our life and even then it did not look like all the cool pictures you find online, you could barely see it. So we want to take action and help stop light pollution so that people around the world can see the Milky Way.” The website provides information about the impacts on wildlife and people and provides ways to address light pollution." The 2020 IDA Award Recipients